The Spence T. Brennan Scholarship Fund has been established to award Scholarships to students pursuing careers in environmental protection. The possibilities for study and careers in the environmental arena are vast and unrestricted. If you have a vision, a desire, an idea about how to leave a mark and be a contributor to protecting our diverse environment, you should apply for this scholarship.

Spence T. Brennan dedicated the majority of his career to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP). Spence worked for MassDEP from 1986 to 2002. His chemistry background, his desire for knowledge and his love of a good challenge made him a strong contributor to environmental protection.

The $1000 Spence T. Brennan Scholarships present an opportunity for any student interested in pursuing an education and career involving a faction of environmental protection. The possibilities are almost endless. Look at the challenges of today; sustainable development, Brownfield Redevelopment, alternative energy, environmental law, regulatory oversight, global warming, resource conservation and preservation, recycling, waste to energy facilities, environmental crime, research & standards, public health, toxicology, water quality, endangered species protection, ecosystem protection, emergency preparedness…..endless.

The definition of environmental protection and how you see it fitting into your education and career path is being left up to the applicant to define and present.
Eligibilty Requirments:
Applicants must meet one of the following:
Student from Middleboro, MA or
Student from Lakeville, MA or
Students whose parent(s) or legal guardian is a full-time employee of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) at the time the application is submitted.
Due to the recent opening of the MassDEP satellite office in Hyannis, eligibility is being extended to students graduating from Barnstable High School.
And all of the following:
*Be a senior of the Class of 2022 who is entering their Freshman year of College
Accepted to a two (2) or four (4) year Accredited Educational Institution For Undergraduate Studies, and be enrolled in a major or program of study which will allow the student to pursue a career in a desired faction of environmental protection *
Able to demonstrate their Commitment To The Environment
Willing to attend a Fundraising Event to meet and thank the supporters of the Spence T. Brennan Scholarship Fund **
Application Deadline: Must be received by May 18, 2022.
Notification: will be provided in writing to the scholarship candidates in June 2022.
Scholarships for undergraduate education will be awarded in the amount of $1,000 each and be made payable to the recipient.
The decision of which applicants receive the scholarships will be made by a majority showing of the Spence T. Brennan Scholarship Fund, Scholarship Committee. All decisions made by the Committee are final.

    * Definition: "in a faction of environmental protection" means in an aspect of environmental protection that you see as important and legitimate - outside of the box thinking and approaches are welcomed but need to be supported in the essay. The possibilities are enormous. Possibilities include but are not limited to governmental agencies, all media of the environment; air and water quality, wetland and habitat protection, industrial permitting and practices, hazardous waste handling, waste site cleanup, recycling and re-use, marine biology, sustainable development, natural resource protection and conservation, Brownfields redevelopment, legislative and public administration, environmental law, enforcement, innovative technology, risk assessment etc. If you see a nexus to your college education and environmental protection you are encouraged to go for it.
    ** At this time the annual Spence T. Brennan April Fools Open Golf Tourney is held in April/May to raise funds for the scholarships. The Spence T. Brennan Foundation would like to have the scholarship awardees attend this event the year following your award. It is understood that conflicts may development preventing a recipient's attendance but an effort must be made.
Scholarships will be awarded based on information provided in an essay written specifically for this scholarship. The essay needs to clearly and succinctly answer the following questions and must be no longer than two (2) pages in length:
1. How did you make your decision to attend the particular college/university and pursue the program of study or major that you have chosen?
2. Explain the area of environmental protection that you are interested in pursuing and explain why this particular area interests you. Include any event(s) that influenced your decision.
3. What role do you want to have, following graduation from college, in promoting environmental protection. What are your visions?
Mail completed application form and essay to:
Spence T. Brennan Scholarship Fund
PO Box 981
Lakeville, MA 02347
Please fill out the application and return it by mail, along with your written essay.
Note: a request may be made by the Scholarship Fund for verification of information by applicants (i.e. academic standing, residency)
Proceeds from the annual April Fools Open Golf Tourney support the STB Scholarship Fund.
Knowledge is Power.
The Foundation does not discriminate on the basis of color, race, national origin, creed, sex, sexual orientation or religion.
"promoting environmental protection through education"
Spence T. Brennan
Scholarship Fund, Inc.
Spence T. Brennan
Scholarship Fund, Inc.
On behalf of Spence,
never stop learning,
never stop seeking,
never stop asking.