Spence T Brennan Foundation Environmental Scholarships Massachusetts

Tournament Pictures

Court, Julie, Bev & Rob with our Bagpiper Lenny

Jaime, Rich, Mike & Dan

Dan swings and .....?

Two Danilecki's, a Grady and a Cunnigham

A Vinnie, two Almeida's and a Gould

Pam, Dick, Mary & Iris

Team McGee Chevrolet

3 Kissels & 1 Deshais

Phil, Mario, Chris & Dave

Jojo & Chris

Chris getting ready

Team #10 - Action !!

John, BJ, Ed & Allen

Jon, Shaun, John, Lenny & Don

Bagpipes, G-man & Fedok

CERO Representatives!

Hutch x 2, Kiernan & Delorenzo

Kermit, Greg & Scott

Brad, Patty, John & Jaba

Team Uniform ??

Dave, Craig, Jim & Mike

Peg, Joe, Gary & Eric

Uncle Sam & Julie

Vinnie, you behaving yourself?

Hemburger winding up

Hembuger Swings!

It's off !

Nice for BJ

Brad - do you see it?

Hobill - Did you get it up?

You're pouting - Guess not?

McLaughlin kills it!

Order ! Lawyer putting.

A big swing from Wink

Finally a couple of real golfers!

Nice form Court!

OOooohhh, John did it go in?

Hey Jones, where did it go?

Ohhh? Gary did you make it over the water?

Whiteside or Wetside?

Official Hole-in-One Monitor on #8 - New Car!

Big Swing by Ed

Kermit - picked up on that swing!

2005 Winners - Congratulations !

Excellent STB Hats, Guys !

EnviroSafe Tee Sign

Definitely the Best in Insurance

You know, if you need to know!

Good times, Excellent memories!

Law Office of Don Nagle

Dave, Thank you so much

Thank you, Andrea

We know & love our "Anonymous" Supporter

Support from Bro Dudley Campbell

Love & Support from a friend forever

Thank you Marta & MaryLou

Spence's Youngest Sista!!


WIN NEW CAR: Hole-in-One on Hole #8

Our Official Photgrapher Mark Wood

BJ, Did you give the putt enough butt?

Two of the 3 event founders! Where's Bev?

#19th Hole - BBQ Time!

"Histiretical" Ted K.

I won the grill, I won the grill...

Mark won a massage!

Dan, Who are you laughing at?

36 dozen golfballs? WOW

Brothers? Court & Jeff

Where are you going, Uncle Sam?

Scottish Bagpipes for Scottish Brennan

Maybe it will be dryer in 2006?