Spence T Brennan Foundation Environmental Scholarships Massachusetts

Tournament Pictures

Co-Founders: Julie, Ed & Bev

Nag, Hob, Wink & Wal

Hemberger, Piper Lenny, BJ, Coon Cat & John

Scott has a leg up on Iris!

Millie & Dave D.

Big Swing from Dave

Nice Hot Dog Hat, Gerard!

Nice looking group!

Trouble times 3

Team #1

Rob, you're such a swinga!

Nice shot, Rob!

Joe, Steve, Paul & Mike

Kenny, Iris, Scott & Fitzie

Kermit, Jack, Greg & Tom

Kermit lining up the perfect putt


2006 Car Hole Monitors

2006 Chevy Cobalt for a Hole in One!!!

Bagpiper Leonard J. Pinaud

Our Federal Frieds

Thier on the move!!

Frank, better watch who your hanging around with!

June, Jack, Jaba & Jim

Jeff Rose et. al.

The Big Ups